Dean Yeager(non-registered)
Nice variety, nice composition way out of my league. Thanks for link.
Dave Hudgins(non-registered)

Wow- I enjoyed your gallery, especially Hawk #6. Wonderful drama and amazing wings!

I've wanted to get into widefield astrophotography - basically landscapes as part of a greater Cosmos. For example as in The ASKC has members who are deep into this art photography.

Thanks again, and great to see you after all these years! Beset regards - Dave Hudgins
Randy miller(non-registered)
Thanks so much for sharing, You have amazing talent, keep up the excellent work.
Chris Gautreaux(non-registered)
Thanks for stopping to talk to me tonight and sharing your website with me. You have a lot of great photos differently something I am working towards achieving in my own photos.
Amazing! Beautiful!
Trevor Valentine(non-registered)
We met the photographer in Yellowstone. What a great guy and a fantastic talent. He even helped us see a tremendous bull moose. Some AWESOME photos here. Thanks for sharing your talent!
ginny kelsey(non-registered)
WOW! These pictures are incredible! So awesome seeing these beautiful creatures up close. It was great to talk to you on my morning walk. Thanks so much for sharing. You have a wonderful gift!
Kevin Bye(non-registered)
Great shots. Wish I had the ability and mobility to travel and wait for that "One" shot.
Teresa Triplett(non-registered)
These are some of most awesome pictures that I have ever seen. Speechless.
Larry Wright(non-registered)
Great Pictures
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